Blaxland Inn

We have got together with Blaxland Inn to offer our guest on the carriages lunch at the beauitful restaurant in Pokolin at a cost of $30.00 per person paid to the Restuarant. You have the choice from the following menu, and your order will be taken in the morning from one of our friendly staff, so lunch will be ready not long after we arrive. Included in your package is a complimentary glass of *White or Red wine, or you made enjoy a Blaxland's Lager or maybe a soft drink or juice.

Tours Menu

You will be served bread with Garlic butter & Herb Butters, for the talbe too share.

Porter House Steak (GF)

Served with medium chat potatoes, sour cream, chives and Red wine Jus

Red Wine Beef - Vegetable Deep Dish Pie (GF without the pastry)

Chucky beef braised in red wine and vegetables until tender.

Hickory Bourbon Smoked Atlantic Salmon (GF)

Rocket, watercress, orange salad with pomegranate nd toasted almonds.

Vegetarian Option (GF)

Oven baked sweet potato rosti with tomato and avocado salsa and sauteed field mushrooms.

Chicken Caesar Salad (GF croutons available)

Flamed grilled chicken breast, baby cos, egg, crisp bacon and caesar dressing

Texan Pulled Beef Brisket Silders

with rocket tomato and beer battered chips

*Drinks List included in you package

Blaxland - Lager

A beautifully balanced, smoth and refreshing golden lager guaranteed to quench any
thirst brewed specifically for Blaxland Inn By the Australian Beer Co.

lambloch White Wines

includes for your enjoyment either sweet Verdelho or a Chardonnay

lambloch Red

For your enjoyment is an Estate Merlot

A soft drink or juice is also available if you would rather enjoy a non alcolhic drink at lunch